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Equalization, the quest for perfection

Rarely do we hear outcries for we humans to seek perfection as a species.

Humans are discouraged by conventional wisdumb which preaches that seeking perfection is futile.

While perfection itself is likely unattainable within our lifetimes or ever, greater degrees of perfection are a must for making incremental progress as a species.

Human civilization has evolved by trial and error. The way we think and act has a historical foundation and the tendency is to be repetitive and do what we think works over and over. That does not result in optimization since failing less is not success.

Looking back and contemplating the future today we now have tools that we can use to biologically equalize or balance our entire planet.

Nature must always be our model for balance. It is the only model that exists and is proven to work.

Many humans will argue no and point to subordinate events rather than measure the whole of nature. Certainly no one species can comprehend or control nature however only one species is destroying nature.


Today we humans can better understand the problems we’ve created over 5 million years as a species. Yet we keep repeating our mistakes.

Using nations as divisive socioeconomic barriers is one primary problem. Allowing religion and human ego to displace science and technology is another problem.

The idea of any one human being more important than ALL humans has led humanity down a path of utter destruction and chaos.

Freedumb and individualism encourages deviant behavior and fetishes.
Simple logic dictates the solutions for what ails humanity today.

The perfection of nature is the simple example we must follow. There are many imperfections within a less perfect model but some gradually dissolve and are merged into a more perfect model.
That is called progress.

fear greed

We are mislead by our acute tunnel vision and egomania. The fallacy of the particular causes us humans to argue over details and overlook the big picture.
We are egomaniacs as a civilization. Goals for perfection though never 100% attainable will immeasurably improve human civilization in meaningful small increments.

If we are at x perfection today then [ x + (1% of x) ] will impact the planet in astounding ways.
Goals for greater perfection should include:
incrementally reduce inefficiency
incrementally reduce waste
incrementally reduce ignorance
incrementally reduce disadvantage

There are millions of actions that we humans can begin to take to improve the planet most minor and some major.
Progress measured in even 1000ths of a percentile will yield enormous beneficial results.

Categorically we can sort out, prioritize and enumerate these actions.
Each human being can contribute towards greater perfection in ways they alone are capable of controlling & acting.
Reducing wasteful consumption is an example of just one simple action anyone can perform.
In fact we all unconsciously and subconsciously already contribute to or detract from perfection.

Using nature as our template for perfection we should reinforce the balance of nature starting with mitigating the effects of human population. Technically and scientifically we can balance all populations of living organisms on the planet by restoring nature.

We humans have the sole capability to repair & optimize nature and the responsibility as well. Nature
has infinity to recover barring some fortuitous event that destroys the planet.

Humans have existed only 5 million years while life on earth aka nature dates back billions of years.

This is an endless topic of discussion and my blogs reflect many threads of thought.

I alone cannot grasp the entirety of what I am writing, but I am certain that together human beings can form a more perfect civilization planet wide.

Read my blogs and contribute your ideas. Share thoughts with others and begin the process of perfecting humanity using nature as your template.

Reduce consumption and increase conservation.

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